• Organization

    • The Southern Vermont Astronomy Group, Inc., (SoVerA) is a USC 26 § 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization federally-recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and operating in the State of Vermont that pursues educational and scientific objectives in accordance with its charter and has been doing so since 2006.


  • Contact

    • Southern Vermont Astronomy Group, Inc.; SoVerA
      PO Box 102; Londonderry, VT 05148;


  • Meeting

    • The Southern Vermont Astronomy Group, Inc., (SoVerA) Board of Directors meetings involve organizational administration, management, budgeting, and policymaking, are open to all members, and generally happen at 6pm on the third Thursday of the month at the Lodge, Magic Mountain Ski Area, 495 Magic Mountain Access Road, Londonderry, Vermont 05148.


  • Board of Directors

    • Claudio Veliz (
      President, Chair of Board of Directors, Board of Directors, Member (2006-);
      Chair of Research Committee (2014-)

    • Heather Chase (
      Treasurer, Board of Directors, Member (2013-)

    • Robert Dudley (
      Board of Directors (2013-); Member (2011-)

    • John Carlson (
      Board of Directors (2013-); Member (2012-)

    • [temporarily vacant]
      Vice President, Secretary


  • Advisors

    • Maureen Bell (
      Chair of Communications Committee, Advisor (2013-); Member (2011-)

    • Stephanie Johnson (
      Chair of Outreach Committee, Advisor, Member (2013-)

    • [temporarily vacant]
      Chair of Education Committee