Autumn 2018 Courses with Southern Vermont Astronomy Group

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Basics of Observational Astronomy

Instructor: Claudio Veliz
Schedule: 3 sessions of 1.5 hrs., 6:30pm, Saturday 6 October, Wednesday 10 October, & Saturday 13 October.
Description: This short, introductory course will be informal and substantive, including PowerPoint presentations, hands-on activities, and astronomical observing. Open discussion and questions are encouraged. Methods for improving basic observational techniques will be demonstrated. Students need not have a telescope. This is, however, a good way to learn what sort of optical equipment might be appropriate for your particular type of observing. (full details [PDF in new window])

How Telescopes Work

Instructor: Patrick Porch
Schedule: 1 session of 1.5 hrs., 7:00pm, Thursday 11 October.
Description: This class will discuss the varied and clever optics used in popular telescope designs. We will cover basic optics in general and review how each applies to different telescope designs. Basic understanding of focal length, aperture, field of view, calculations for f/ratio and magnification will be covered. We will discuss eyepieces and how different eyepiece designs work with different telescope types. Telescopes of the common type (refractor, reflector and catadioptric) will be set up for demo purposes. (full details [PDF in new window])

The Secret Lives of Astronomers

Instructor: Rick Bates
Schedule: 1 session of 1.5 hrs., 7:00pm, Tuesday 16 October.
Description: A light-hearted, yet substantive look into the private lives of some of the folks behind the telescopes. We will learn about the odd, intriguing, hilarious and insightful private lives of some of the scientists whose public work led to our current knowledge of the known universe. (full details [PDF in new window])