Southern Vermont Astronomy Group


2006 July 20

  • Preamble
    • Given that in our time, in our country and in our region:
      • There is a need for greater science education capabilities and that such needs are unlikely to ever be fully quenched;
      • That the study of astronomy has been a source, throughout history, of beneficial and powerful emotional and intellectual stimulation;
      • That the study of astronomy has been demonstrated to be — of all the sciences — the only science that also includes the study, the mention or dovetail relationships with all the other sciences, and therefore, study of it may lead to a broader perspective of the very nature of the universe and a larger context in which the other sciences may be seen;
      • That as astronomy has been an integral element of all human activity, whether as a source of scientific study, agricultural survival and ceremonial focus, since deep into pre-history, that its study is no less than a study of one of the most prevalent, common factors of the nature of the human condition:
    • We, the members of the Southern Vermont Astronomy Group (SoVerA) endeavor to:
      • gain, reinforce and sustain knowledge of the nature of the universe;
      • share that knowledge with others desiring to learn;
      • improve the quality of the methods and means by which we practice the study of astronomy;
      • work with other astronomy and education organizations in the interest of strengthening their- and our capabilities to teach astronomy, science and to convey those subjects to the public at large;
      • function as a venue for educators to strengthen their abilities to educate their students in the realms of the sciences in general, and the field of astronomy in particular.
    • We hereby resolve, as members and supporters of this organization, to combine our efforts to accomplish these aims.
    • Accordingly, we, the founding members of SoVerA have agreed to the present Charter, as dated herein, and do hereby establish an organization to be known as:

Southern Vermont Astronomy Group

  • Article I
    • The members of SoVerA will establish and sustain:
      • A reliable schedule of regular meetings, followed by related activities, including astronomical observing using member telescopes, welcoming non-members to participate and pursue the Charter goals as here described with all members.
      • Parliamentary procedures for recommending group and organizational activities, and governing their successful administration.
      • Regular scheduled governing meetings to generate new ideas, procedures and other public activities, and address organizational questions.
      • This Charter.
    • All finances will be made available at internal governing meetings, and published annually for membership to peruse. They will also be made available for review by any member during regular business hours, with reasonable notice.
    • After initial organizational procedures are established, we shall sustain efforts to increase membership to such numbers as may facilitate the optimization of our Charter’s goals.
    • Sub-groups within the organization may and are encouraged to be formed to add strengthened consideration of specific, beneficial aspects of the Charter’s goals. Such sub-groups may be named as per the Administrative Committee’s directives and each sub-group shall be managed by one individual taking full responsibility for that group’s efforts and success. Sub-groups shall not be governed by committees, however committees may be formed to advise and improve any managerial efficiency.Such groups may include, but not be limited to:
      • Astronomical research.
      • Liaison with educational institutions.
      • Field trips and special events.
      • Collaborative projects with other educational and research institutions.
      • Marketing, public relations and consumer product/graphics development.
      • Observing and public education outreach/mixed public event coordination.