Online Resources

There are thousands of online astronomy resources available. Below is a list of many of our favorite sites to check out to help your observing, keep up with occurring events, further your astro knowledge, product reviews, and more, or just look at great astro pictures!


**NOTE: Don’t forget, many web sites and programs require you to put in your location, either by city/state or GPS coordinates to work correctly and give you the right information.


Check back often as we continue to add to this list!


Computer software


Stellarium – very popular free planetarium software


Starry Night – Very good planetarium software, various levels– purchase required


Moon atlas (free)


Web Sites


Weather – Several sites for checking the weather to plan your observing


Great site for Solar information and Aurora predictions


Monthly star map you can print out


Great site for astronomy, science and spaceflight news.


For predicting sightings of the ISS, Iridium Flares, and other satellites


For Variable Star observers


For Occultation observers






Astronomy Picture of the Day


Product reviews and articles


Good site for buying and selling used astro stuff (small registration fee required)


Magazine web sites: